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X-rays or Röntgen Rays

We go to doctors when our limbs e.g. hands, legs etc are broken. Doctors advise us to take X-rays. By seeing X-ray report we come to know what type of problems exist. Then what is this X-ray? How is it produced?

X-rays or Röntgen rays are the revolutionary discovery of the nineteenth century. In 1985, famous German scientist Prof. W.K. Röntgen discovered these rays. While doing research with the discharge tube he observed that fluorescence was produced when cathode rays were incident on barium platino-cyanide sheet placed on the side of the tube. Covering the discharge tube with a thick red paper he observed fluorescence on the sheet. Then by placing a thick metallic plate between the sheet and the tube he noticed the same thing. Then he came to the conclusion that those rays were not cathode rays, rather after an incidence of the cathode rays on the surface of the discharge tube a special type of rays were emitted due to which fluorescence was produced. As the nature and properties of those rays were unknown, he gave the name of those rays X-rays unknown rays.

Fig: First X-Ray 1895

Normally we consider unknown quantity during solving a problem as X. Scientist Rontgen also did the same thing. In honor of the discoverer, these rays are a called Rontgen rays. Later the nature and properties of these rays became known. height=