Working of Rocket and Jet Plane in terms of Newton’s Third Law

The propulsion of a rocket is one of the most interesting examples of Newton’s third law of motion and the law of conservation of momentum.The rocket is a system whose mass varies with lime. In a rocket. the gases at high temperature and pressure. produced by the combustion of the fuel, are ejected from a nozzle. The reaction of the escaping gases provides the necessary thrust for the launching and flight of the rocket.


From the law of conservation of linear momentum, the momentum of the escaping gases must be equal to the momentum gained by the rocket. Consequently, the rocket is propelled in the forward direction opposite to the direction of the jet of escaping gases. Due to the thrust imparted to the rocket, its velocity and acceleration will keep on increasing. The mass of the rocket and the fuel system keeps on decreasing due to the escaping mass of gases.

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