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Natural satellite: The materials or stars which revolve round a planet are called satellites. The satellites which are created naturally are called natural satellites. For example the moon has been created for the natural cause. It revolves round the earth. So, the moon is a natural satellite of the earth. Similarly, other planets have also natural satellites.

Artificial satellite: An Artificial Satellite is an artificial object that is manufactured by humans and launched into the Earth’s orbit or in another planet’s orbit. We know there is a world called the solar world where the sun is at the centre of it. Some stars spattered from the sun are revolving round the sun. These are called planets. The earth is a planet of the sun. Again, some stars spattered from the planets are revolving round the planets. These are called satellites. The moon is the satellite of the earth which revolves once round the earth in almost 30 days. From ancient time people started thinking about how the moon revolves round the earth. In answer to it, scientists told that the centripetal force of the earth originated from the gravitation is the cause of it. If there had not been the centripetal force, then the moon would have vanished at infinity. The satellite that is created by man based on this theory in order to go in the outer space is called artificial satellite.

Artificial satellites can have a range of missions, including scientific research, weather observation, military support, navigation, Earth imaging, and communications.