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From these two experiments, it is observed that the deflection of the galvanometer proves the existence of an emf. So if we move a magnet towards or away from the the coil or if we move a coil towards or away from a magnet, the electric current will be produced there. This is called electromagnetic induction. If we move a coil towards or away from electric circuit or electric wire, the electric current will be produced there also. This is also called electromagnetic induction.

So we can say that the process of creating electric current through the change of the distance of the circuit which can create voltage temporarily to another closed circuit is called electromagnetic induction.

This voltage is known as induced voltage and the current is known as induced current. If there have no relative motion between magnet and coil, the deflection will not be seen. The more will be the relative motion, the more will be the deflection. So it is said that how long the relative motion will last between magnet and coil, induced current will be durable for that period. If the pole of magnet is altered, the side of induced current will be altered. Induced current and induced voltage can be created in the following way-

-by increasing the polar power of magnet

-by moving the magnet quickly

-by increasing the number of coil.

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