QS Study

There is a convex lens in our eyes. When we have seen an object, the light from the object, being refracted by the lens of the eye, forms an image on the retina. We can see the object when a real and inverted image of that object is formed on the retina. So, refraction of light helps us to see an object. There are many people who have defects in their eyes. Among them some cannot see the distant object, some cannot see near object.

For the remedy of the defects, we use spectacles made by the lens of particular power. The incoming light refracted through the lens falls on our eyes and helps to see the object properly. Therefore, refraction plays an important role to see an object. By using the property of refraction of light we can take photograph with camera, we can see very small object magnifying it under the microscope and see the distant object by telescope. The optical fiber that we use in the field of health and telecommunication is also the contribution of refraction of light. There are fish aquariums in many of our houses.

If we keep some colour fish in the aquarium we can enjoy their interesting movement. The light from the fish coming through water at first falls on the glass of the aquarium. After the refraction of light through the glass, the sight reaches our eyes. Therefore it is also a contribution of refraction of light.