Experimental Verification of Lami’s Theorem

Experimental Verification of Triangle Law and Lami’s Theorem:

Two smooth small pulleys are fixed, one each at the top corners of a drawing board kept vertically on a wall as shown in Figure. The pulleys should move freely without any friction. A light string is made to pass over both the pulleys. Two slotted weights P and Q (of the order of 50 g) are taken and are tied to the two free ends of the string. Another short string is tied to the centre of the first string at O. A third slotted weight R is attached to the free end of the short string. The weights P, Q and R are adjusted such that the system is at rest.


Fig: Lami’s theorem – experimental proof

The point O is in equilibrium under the action of the three forces P, Q and R acting along the strings. Now, a sheet of white paper is held just behind the string without touching them. The common knot O and the directions of OA. OB and OD are marked to represent in magnitude, the three forces P, Q and R on any convenient scale (like 50 g = 1 cm).

The experiment is repeated for different values of P, Q and R and the values are tabulated.

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