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Experiment to produce Induced Current by the Flow of Current

Do the experiment to produce induced a current by the flow of current. Make a closed circuit by a battery, a variable resistance, a key and a coil connected in series.

The temporary electromotive force generated due to electromagnetic induction is called induced electromotive force and the temporary current is called the induced current. In a closed circuit, temporary electromotive force and current produced due to the electromagnetic induction are called induced electromotive force and induced current respectively.

Again by connecting another coil in series with a galvanometer make a closed circuit. Now place the two circuits dose to each other in such a way as they remain very close but do not touch each other [Figure]. In this case, the coil P is called primary coil and the coil S is called secondary coil.

If the switch K is made off-on very frequently, then current will continue flowing through P and if looked at the galvanometer it will be seen that the galvanometer needle is deflecting. Again by keeping the switch on if the circuit containing the coil S is moved towards the coil P or taken away from it even then the galvanometer shows deflection. In this case, this current is due to the induced electromotive force. Again, if the switch is off or if the circuit containing the coil S is kept stationary then the galvanometer will not show any deflection. In this case, no electromotive force will be produced.