Establishing a Relation Among different Scales of Temperature

Let A and B be the lower fixed point and upper fixed point of a thermometer respectively.


Three more thermometers graduated in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin scale are kept side by side. The readings of the point P of the thermometer AB in other three scales are C, F and K respectively. Therefore the readings of distance PA in these three scales are C-0, F-32 and K-273 respectively. Since PA/BA is a constant it can be written,

PA/BA = C-0 / 100-0 = F-32 / 212-32 = K-273 / 373-273

or, C/100 = F-32 / 180 = K-273 / 100

or, C/5 = F-32 / 9 = K-273 / 5

This equation indicates the relation among Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin scale. The convenient relation between Celsius and Kelvin scale is — by adding 273 to Celsius scale reading the Kelvin scale reading can be obtained. For example, 1°C temperature = (1+273) K = 274 K temperature. But if the temperature difference is 1K, then it is equal to 1°C.

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