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Diamagnetic Substance

Due to the orbital motion of the electrons in atom diamagnetism appears in the material. Diamagnetism exists in all materials. But its effect is very weak. The materials which have net magnetic moments i.e., those materials which reveal para and ferromagnetism, the diamagnetism in those materials becomes overshadowed due to its weak value. So, Diamagnetism is a quantum mechanical effect that occurs in all materials; when it is the only contribution to the magnetism, the material is called diamagnetic.

  • They are feebly repelled by magnets.
  • They can be solids, liquids, and gases.
  • They have no retentively.
  • They have no curie points.
  • Magnetic susceptibility is negative and of low value.
  • They have hysteresis properties.
  • Magnetic permeability is less, μ ˂ 1.
  • Their susceptibility does not depend on temperature.
  • Magnetism disappears after removal of the magnetic field.
  • If placed in magnetic field, they tend to go to the weaker region of the field the stronger region.