Sample Acknowledgement letter format for Receiving Goods

Sample Acknowledgement letter format for Receiving Goods

Sample Acknowledgement letter format for Receiving Goods

[Receipt acknowledgment letters verify deliverance of requested items, such as a delivery of goods or a contract offer. When we receive goods we order or purchase. It is good to write an acknowledgment of receipt of goods. The letter clearly details what was received and when. This letter is usually given to the deliverer. It also notes if any follow-up is necessary.]




Company name…

Subject:  Acknowledgement Letter for Receiving Goods

Dear Sir,

The reason for writing is to inform you the receiving the (Items name or ordered). It is to notify you that I acknowledge the receiving of goods by your company. The number and quality of (items name) have been checked. The slip and invoice also have been checked. Wish to work with more concern next time.

All the goods are passed from the assembly of checking and no fault has been found. Under a signatory is thankful for your reliability. Hope to sign more deals with your association.

Warm Regards,




Signed under seal this …. day of (dd/mm/yy)




  • While writing a letter, keep in mind that letter should be received to correct contacted person and refer a right person with the right contact information while sending acknowledging the letter.
  • Include details with date and time when you got signed this document.
  • While writing the letter to the exact person you should wish to say that you want to look forward to your liaison so that it can be proved as equally helpful.
  • An important point has handled all procedures professionally, avoid grammar mistakes while writing any business letters or emails.



This is a typical letter. The first impression of any letter is created by its format. You have to add your company’s name with full address. So make sure that your format is accurate and professional.

This should be the layout of your letter:-

Mention your name and address and date on which letter is written in next line. Next write the name, address and contact details of the receiver. The body should be short, specific, and precise. Mention the key point and only the topic on which argument is made.

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