QS Study

Obligations of patriotism: The word-patriotism invokes a host of qualities or virtues. It includes honesty, responsibility, commitment and dedication for the country and countrymen. Patriotic zeal makes a man dutiful, energetic and enthusiastic. A patriotic man abides by the laws of the country, pays taxes, works for the development of the country and thinks only of doing good of the country. He never does anything that goes against the interest of the country. He never involves himself with criminal, antisocial and anti-state activities. He always upholds the dignity and status of the country. He respects the country and countrymen. A true patriot is ever vigilant to protect country’s freedom, sovereignty and integrity. And if need be a patriot sacrifices his life for the country.

Difference between a patriot and an unpatriot: Patriotism makes one a noble and respectable person. A patriot is loved by all. He may not have wealth or power, but he commands respect from everybody in the society. Poets sing for the patriots, countrymen salute them both when they live and die. Great patriots are remembered even after their death. A true patriot is an asset of the country. A true patriot never dies because he resides in the hearts of the countrymen. One the other hand an unpatriotic man is a very ignoble person. Nobody honors him, nobody praises him and he dies unsung and unnoticed.

Usefulness: Patriotism inspires a man to contribute to the country. It develops in him a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and sympathy for the countrymen. It is our duty to love the land of our birth.  It is also our duty not to hate other nations.  We must try to cultivate a healthy type of patriotism and to devote ourselves whole heartedly to the uplift and prosperity of our own country. A patriot feels proud of his country and countrymen. Every country in the world has produced such persons. A patriot is loved and honored by all we all are indebted to our mother-land.