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Nowadays hijacking is very much rampant in the world. Every day we find the news of many hijackings in most of the dailies. It seems that the hijackers are the monarchs of all they survey. There is none to raise voice against them. Everybody is for himself. So it has become very risky to move alone in the road. Life in the towns and cities are at stake. There is no security of life. If the hijackers do not find anything valuable with the person they attack, he or she is either stabbed or killed. The hijackers are very much united. First of all they make plan of hijacking and make themselves well equipped. They always lie in wait. They use knives, bombs, guns or any kind of weapon. Sometimes their attempts are foiled but most often they snatch the valuables without facing any kind of trouble. Though the victim cries for help, the nearby people or the police force do not go forward to help the victim. If the hijackers face any kind of trouble, they explode bombs or shoot, create panic and disperse people and safely they make their way after hijacking. There are many reasons behind hijacking. Firstly socio-economic condition is the root cause of hijacking. Again those who are addicted to gambling, drinking and drug taking do It to manage money for dim addiction.

This problem cannot be solved overnight First of all law and order situation of the country should be improved. Law enforcing authorities should always be on the alert. The criminals should be sternly dealt with. Exemplary punishment should be inflicted on the criminals. Judicial system regarding the punishment of the criminals should be prompt because there goes a proverb that “Justice delayed justice denied”. More law and enforcing authorities should be employed at important points. If they are provides with suitable jobs, many of them will give up this hateful criminal activities. Moreover people of all walks of life should come forward to develop their morality.