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ABO blood group based upon the group-specific antigen present on Red Blood Cell membrane. The ABO system is unique in that whenever the A or B antigens are not present on the red cells, the corresponding antibody is present in the serum/plasma. Anti-A and anti-B alloagglutinins are therefore often referred to as being ‘naturally occurring’.

Tab: blood group system

ABO is called classical blood group because-

  1. It is the principal blood group.
  2. It maintains both 1st and 2nd part of Landstainer’s Law.
  3. The hazards of mismatched transfusion of ABO system is most effective and appears quickly than others.
  4. When a blood transfusion is required, your ABO and Rh groups are cross-matched with donated blood.
  5. The ABO antigens are developed well before birth and remain throughout life.

This system divides blood into four groups – A, B, AB and O. People with type AB blood are called universal recipients because they can receive any of the ABO types. People with type O blood are called universal donors because their blood can be given to people with any of the ABO types.