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The suprapleural membrane is a dome-shaped musculofascial expansion which partly separates the thorax from the neck. It is a strong fascial connective tissue layer above the superior thoracic inlet on each side, placed on top of the tips of the lungs.

Synonym – Sibson’s fascia.

Shape – Dome shaped and covering the cervical pleura over the apex of the respective lung. It is the thickened section of the endothoracic fascia that extends over the space between the thoracic cage and the parietal pleura.

Position – Lies above the apex of the lung. It slopes down towards the horizontal as the inlet on the identical oblique angle.

Suprapleural Membrane 1

Fig: Suprapleural Membrane


  • Muscular part: From scalenus minimus muscle.
  • Fascial part: From the cndothoracie fascia.


  • Anteriorly: an Inner border of the first rib.
  • Posteriorly: Tip of a transverse process of C7 vertebra.
  • Medially: Continuous with the pretracheal fascia.


  1. Protect the apex of the lung.
  2. Prevents overdistension of the lung.
  3. It protects the underlying cervical pleura, beneath which is located the apex of the lung.
  4. It resists the intrathoracic pressure at the time of respiration.
  5. Apical reinforces for the pleural cavity in the root of the neck are provided is provided by the suprapleural membrane.
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