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Hypoxia is Oxygen deficiency at the tissue level. It will occur with any interruption of normal respiration. It is a condition where the tissues are not oxygenated adequately, usually due to an insufficient concentration of oxygen in the blood. Brain injury, stroke, and carbon monoxide poisoning are other possible causes of hypoxia.

Effects of hypoxia

On respiratory system

  1. Respiratory rate increases
  2. Periodic breathing takes place.

On CVS: (1) ↑ Cardiac output, (2) ↑ Heart rate, (3) Rise in blood pressure.

On Nervous system:

(1) A headache

(2) Excitement

(3) Drowsiness

(4) Depression

(5) Disorientation.

On GIT: (1) Anorexia, (2) Nausea, (3) Vomiting, (4) Loss of appetite.