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Purpose of Dissection of Face is to identify neck and facial injuries by creating a bloodless field and step by step dissection.

Steps of dissection of face

(A) Skin incision

  1. A vertical incision from the root of the nose to the symphysis menti, making one semicircular incision along the mucocutaneous junction of upper and lower lips.
  2. A curved incision from the root of the nose to the front of the upper part of the auricle, passing along the superciliary arch.
  3. An oblique incision from the symphysis menti to the angle of the mandible along its lower border
  4. A circular incision along the margin of the upper & lower eyelids.

Major goals when planning a surgical incision are to reestablish functional soft tissue structural support and to give the most natural aesthetic appearance with minimal distortion after healing has occurred.

Dissection of Face 1

Fig: Steps of Dissection of Face

(B) Then the flap of the skin is reflected laterally from the face preserving any nerves and blood vessels found.

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