QS Study

Hormones secreted through the hypothalamus start the growth of characteristically male or female secondary sexual traits. These characteristics are not used in reproduction but are noticeable in most sexually dimorphic species. Secondary sexual characteristics include in men, includes body hair characteristics (beard, chest, etc.) and usually more coarse, Heavier musculature, Narrow hips, Muscular pectorals, Less fat tissue overall, Deeper voice etc.

Fig: Secondary Sex Characters in Male

Male secondary sex characteristics:

(1) External genitalia:

  1. Penis increases in length and width.
  2. Occasional erection takes place.
  3. Scrotum becomes pigmented, thicken and rigor.

(2) Internal genitalia:

  1. Seminal vesicles enlarge and began to form and secrete fructose.
  2. The testes increase in size, spermatogenesis begins.
  3. Prostate and bulbourethral glands enlarge and secretion begins.

(3) Voice:

  1. Larynx enlarges vocal tone and teases.
  2. Voice becomes deeper.

(4) Hair growth:

  1. Hairline on scalp reached anterolaterally.
  2. The pubic develops considerably and its upper border is convex upwards.
  3. Axillary, chest, around the anus hair, appears.
  4. Generalized body hair growth.

(5) Skin: Sebaceous gland secretion.

(6) Body conformation:

  1. Muscle enlarges.
  2. Shoulder broadens.

(7) Mental:

  1. More aggressive,
  2. Libido to opposite sex.