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Radial Pulse

Definition: The pulse, we can feel over the radial artery is called the radial pulse. It is the beat of the heart as felt through the walls of a peripheral artery, such as that felt in the radial artery at the wrist. This observation is included when measuring a person’s vital signs. A nurse or health care provider must use their sense of touch to accurately count a pulse for sixty seconds.

Site: At the wrist joint, where the radial artery crosses the radius bone and medial to flexor carpi radialis muscle. It is located on the lateral of the wrist (radial artery). It can also be found in the anatomical snuff box. Ulnar pulse: located on the medial of the wrist (ulnar artery).

Fig: Radial Pulse

Points to be noted during examination of radical palse:

(i) Rate: Normal, High and Low

(ii) Rhythm: It may be-

  • Regular, and,
  • Irregular (regularly irregular and irregularly regular)

(iii) Character – Normal or Abnormal.

(iv) Volume: Normal volume, High volume, and Low volume

(v) The condition of vessel wall: Normal, Just palpable, and Selerotic.

(vi) Symmetry: Bilateral symmetrical or Radio-radial delay.

(vii) Radio-femoral delay: Present or Absent

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