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Effects of Low Calcium (Ca++) Level

The calcium in the blood is vital for a number of functions, including blood clotting, diffusion of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, the constancy of cell membranes, and cell metabolism. The body of a young adult human contains 27.5 mol of Ca 99% of Ca2+ is in the skeleton.

  • Normal Ca2+ level – 9 -12 mg/dl,
  • Imp Functions of Ca2+.

A low calcium level may result from a problem with the parathyroid glands, as well as from diet, kidney disorders, or certain drugs. Calcium supplements, given by mouth, are often all that is needed to treat hypocalcemia.

Effects of Low Calcium (Ca++) Level


  1. Marked dilatation of the heart,
  2. Changes in cellular activity,
  3. The permeability of all cells (esp. nerve cells.),
  4. Impairment of clotting.


  1. Tetany – Def.
  2. Rickets – Def.
  3. Osteomalacia – Def.
  4. Osteoporosis – Def.

Causes of Low Calcium (Ca++) Level

Vitamin D deficiency, Chronic renal failure, Magnesium deficiency, Blood disorders, a complication of chemotherapy, Alcoholism etc.