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Homeothermic animal

Warm-blooded animals which maintain body temperature within a narrow range in spite of wide fluctuations in environmental temperature. They are the animals that have a constant body temperature. It can maintain their internal body temperature.

Poikilothermic animal

Cold-blooded animals in which body temperature fluctuates within environmental temperature over a considerable range. They are the ones who cannot maintain their body temperature and it changes according to the temperature of the surrounding.

Fig: Homeothermic and Poikilothermic Animal

Difference between homeothermic and poikilothermic animal –

Poikilothermic animal –

  1. Poikilotherms are animals whose body temperature adjusts depending on the environment.
  2. They are called cold-blooded animals.
  3. Body temperature fluctuates within environmental temp.
  4. Undergoes migration and hibernation during cold.
  5. Temperature adjusting mechanism is rudimentary.
  6. Hypothalamus does not act as a thermoregulatory center in the brain.
  7. Examples: Reptiles, amphibian, inverte-brates, Pisces, and amphibians.

Homeothermic animal –

  1. Homeotherms are animals that have a constant body temperature.
  2. They are called warm-blooded animals.
  3. Fluctuates within a narrow range,
  4. Does not undergoes migration and hibernation,
  5. Well developed.
  6. Hypothalamus acts as a thermoregulatory center in the brain.
  7. Example: Mammals, Birds.