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Core Temperature

The temperature of the deep tissues of the body is called core temperature. The temperature of the inner organs like the liver, Kidney, and heart is called the body’s core temperature.

The normal value of core temperature: 99-99.6°F. Although core body temperature fluctuates some, it should always be right around 98-100 degrees. If this number varies too much, systems cannot role appropriately, and our health is in menace.

The body is typically very effectual in maintaining core body temperature in a narrow and safe range. During exercise, mainly in excessive conditions, the temperature may push the boundaries of this range.

Sites for measuring of Core body temperature: Esophageal and Rectal.

Fig: Core Temperature

In unconscious patient: Rectum and Axilla. Generally, rectal measurements will be higher, while axillary measurements will be lower.

Core temperature

  • Remains almost exactly constant within ± 1°F (± 0.6°C).
  • 1°F more than shell temperature
  • Normal value: 99-99.6°F
  • More accurate
  • Determined by measuring rectal or esophageal temp.