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Binocular vision

It is the process of seeing one object by both eyes is called binocular vision. It is the ability to keep up the visual focus on an object with both eyes, creating a single visual image. It is the vision of using two eyes with overlapping fields of view, allowing good perception of depth. It helps with performance skills such as catching, grasping, and locomotion.

During this process –

  • Both visual fields must be overlaps,
  • Form a similar image on two retina at similar points.
  • Co-ordinated movement of extra occur muscle occur.

Fig: Binocular vision

Advantage: Lack of binocular vision is normal in infants. Adults without binocular vision experience distortions in depth perception and visual measurement of distance.

  • It gives the accurate perception of depth, size, and distance of the object.
  • Optical errors of one eye are corrected by another aye.
  • The combined field of vision is wider than that of one eye.
  • It gives a creature a spare eye in case one is damaged.
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