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The apex of the heart is a conical area created by the left ventricle. It is a conical area formed by the left ventricle. It is overlapped by the pleura and the left lung.

Direction – It is directed downwards, forwards and to the left. It is the lowest superficial part of the heart, formed by the inferolateral part of the left ventricle.

Situation –

In the 5th intercostal space, about 9 cm from the midline just below and medial to the left nipple.  It is located at the level of the 5th left intercostal space, 3.5 inches (9 cm) from the midline and just medial to the midclavicular line. It is in a  slightly medial direction to the midclavicular line.

Apex of the Heart

Fig: Apex of the Heart


Apex is separated from the anterior thoracic wall by anterior part of left lung and pleura.


Apex beat is the lowest and outer most cardiac pulsation felt in this area during ventricular systole. In infants, the heart is situated more flat so the apex of the heart is located in third or fourth left intercostal space and therefore the apex beat in children up to 7 years of age is felt in the third or fourth intercostal space just lateral to the midclavicular line

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