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Adrenogenital Syndrome

An occasional adrenocortical tumor secretes excessive quantities of androgens which causes the adrenogenital syndrome. This condition is also more properly known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia. It is a syndrome in which an excessive amount of adrenal androgen causes virilization. The diagnosis of the adrenogenital syndrome depends upon the revelation of a high output of urinary 17-ketosteroids and medical manifestations of extreme secretion of adrenal androgen.

Characteristics: Usual characteristic is the development of secondary sexual characteristic of the opposite sex. The cause of adrenogenital syndrome may be an androgen-secreting tumor of the adrenal glands or adrenal hyperplasia. Effects depend on the sex and age of the patient at the time of onset of the disease, more noticeable in women.

Fig: Adrenogenital Syndrome in Female

(A) Male: In puberty:

  • Feminization occurs,
  • Breast enlarge,
  • Testis atrophy,
  • Libido is lost.

In adult:

The virilization characteristics of the adrenogenital syndrome are completely obscured by the normal virilizing characteristics of the testosterone secreted by testes.

(B) Female:

  • The growth of beard,
  • Much deeper voice,
  • Occasionally baldness,
  • Masculine distribution of hair on the body & pubis,
  • The growth of the clitoris resembles a penis,
  • Deposition of protein in skin and penis,
  • Amenorrhoea.