A Short note on Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is considered the greatest physicist after Einstein. He was born in 1942 in an educated family. He got married in 1963. He got his Ph. D in Cosmology from Cambridge University by the time he was 26 years old. He received the prestigious Albert Einstein Award for theoretical physics in 1972. In 1975 he joined Cambridge University as Lucasian professor of mathematics. As a scientist his reputation soared higher and higher. But fate followed with less rewarding things. Stephen became a victim of Gehrig’s disease. So he gradually started losing control over the muscles of his body.

Now he is confined to the wheelchair with no power to control his body except for some limited movement of his head and hands only. But such a tremendous physical handicap could not slow him down. Stephen is still a relentless worker. He uses his computer to carry out research work as well as deliver lecture.

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