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Effect Of Environment Changes

We are inviting dangers for us by destroying plants and animals. The widespread use of chemicals and pesticides are responsible for sterility and mass deaths of the wild species. We can keep our environment safe by protecting wildlife and other elements of nature. Destruction of plants is a danger to us because it causes the extinction of various wild animals. This world will be uninhabitable if there is the ecological imbalance. Animal hunting should be banned and we have to save the trees and forests to protect wildlife. Birds and animals are facing the threat of extinction by the destruction of their feeding and nesting places, by the collection of eggs, and by the use of chemicals. Animals along with plants are important for maintaining ecological balance. If one is lost, the whole natural environment changes.

George Laycock was a famous writer who wrote several books on wildlife. Humans are cruelly destroying plants and animals and thereby creating a danger for all human being. Pandas, bears, tigers, alligators, whales, wolves, eagles, kites and buzzards are becoming extinct. We should save the earth’s wild creatures to save ourselves. All species are important for maintaining ecological balance. Human beings kill birds for foods and feathers, hunt big cats to make fur coats and slaughter alligator and other reptiles for shoes and bags. The destruction of forests and other habitats result in the extinction of various plants and animals every day.