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Causes and Effects of Environment Pollution

The industrial discharge, indiscriminate disposal of toxic chemicals and the dumping of human wastes into river and canals are the causes of water pollution. Men are attacked with cholera and diarrhea by water pollution. Sound pollution affects us by causing aggression and damaging our hearing power. Disease bearing creatures are the living beings that carry germs. For example, rats, flies, mosquitoes and so on. ‘Unnecessary deaths’ means deaths of people caused by pollution that can be avoided.

Pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases are caused by air pollution. We can save millions of people all over the world by keeping our environment clean. To avert these diseases, we should he determined to stop pollution and we have to keep the environment clean. Air and water pollution are the most difficult types of pollution. Noise pollution takes place by the horns of vehicles and by the indiscriminate use of microphones and loudspeakers. Cholera and diarrhea are two water-borne diseases. Some of the respiratory diseases are pneumonia and bronchitis.