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Force for Drifting

Wegener suggested that the movement accountable for the drifting of the continents was caused by pole-fleeing force and tidal force. Wegener’s thought of continental drift had the continents floating around on the semisolid oceanic rock. In contrast, plate tectonics suggests that Earth’s entire crust is composed of a number of huge plates that are in steady motion relative to each other.

The polar-fleeing force communicates to the turning round of the earth. You are conscious of the fact that the earth is not an ideal sphere: it has a protuberance at the equator. This bulge is due to the rotation of the earth. The second force that was suggested by Wegener—the tidal force—is due to the attraction of the moon and the sun that develops tides in oceanic waters. Wegener believed that these forces would become effectual when applied over many million years. However, most of the scholars considered these forces to be totally insufficient.