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Deflation Hollows: Erosional Landforms

Weathered mantle from over the rocks or bare soil, gets blown out by persistent movement of wind currents in one direction. This process may create shallow depressions called deflation hollows. When the sand is conceded left over long distances by the wind, depressions are formed in the area from which is a land in. These depressions are called deflation hollows and are usually found in non-mountainous arid regions. Deflation hollows are an example of wind erosion causing deflation yet these depressions also tend to gather rainwater and hold this water for a time depending on evaporation rates through the stones.

Deflation also creates numerous small pits or cavities over rock surfaces. The rock faces suffer impact and abrasion of wind-borne sand and first shallow depressions called blowouts are created, and some of the blowouts become deeper and wider fit to be called caves.