Uses of Amines

Uses of Amines

Uses of amines:

1. Methyl amine:

  • As refrigerant
  • As hair-remover in tanneries.
  • Production of choline chloride which is used in poultry feeds.
  • Production of different dyes, drugs, artificial detergents & quarternary compounds.

2. Ethyl amine:

  • Production of emulsifier & detergents.
  • Production of various dyes & stainless chemicals
  • As a reducing agent in laboratory.

3. Di-methyl amine:

  • As hair remover in tannery industries & in rubber vulcanization.
  • Quaternary salts produced from it, are used in the production of detergents. An important example of it is: N-hexadecyl tri-methyl ammonium chloride.

4. Hexa-methylene di-amine:

  • Production of synthetic fibers, e.g. Nylon-66

5. Phenyl amine:

  • Production of different dyes & polymers
  • As a solvent in some cases
  • In rubber industry & in production of drugs e.g. sulfadrugs (sulfanilamide)

6. N-methyl phenyl amine:

  • Production of different dyes, e.g. methyl orange.

7. Di-phenyl amine:

  • Production of dies
  • Production of different explosives

8. Diazonium salt:

  • Synthesis of aromatic compounds
  • Synthesis of azo-dyes
  • Synthesis of phenyl hydrazine
  • Dying of cotton cloths.

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