Test of Purity of Chloroform

Test of Purity of Chloroform

Test of Purity of Chloroform:

Chloroform has transparent and colorless, neutral to test paper, non-irritating when inhaled, and should evaporate entirely, leaving no residue or smell on a glass surface. Pure chloroform has boiling point 61-620C.

Physical Purity: CHC13 is a colorless liquid having a boiling point of 62°C. Pure chloroform is boiled & distilled at 62°C. If any impurities are mixed with it, its boiling point also varies-chloroform boils at a higher temperature than 620C.

Chemical Purity: To assure purity of chloroform. AgNO3 is used. In presence of O2, chloroform produces phosgene gas and HCl. AgNO3 reacts with HCl and produce white precipitant of AgCl.

AgNO3 + HCl = AgC1↓ (white) + HNO3

Use of Chloroform:

  1. It is used as an anesthetic in surgery. But it has harmful effects on the liver & the excessive use of it may threaten the patient’s life—because the difference between anesthetic dose & a lethal dose of it is very less. So, at present, it is not widely used in anesthesia.
  2. As an excellent solvent, it is used in wax, fats oils, resin & alkaloid industries.
  3. It is used as an anti-rodent agent.
  4. In a laboratory, it is used as a reagent & solvent.
  5. Used as raw material for chloropicrin & in aromatization of foul-smelling drugs.

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