QS Study

Physical Properties of Toluene:

(i) Colorless liquid matter.

(ii) Lighter than water (Specific Gravity: 0.866)

(iii) Melting Point → 9.8°C (or —198°C or 98°C); boiling Point → 1100 ≈ 112°C.

(iv) Good solvent.

(iv) Insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol, ether etc.

(vi) More reactive than benzene, but less toxic.

Preparation of Toluene from Petroleum: If mineral oil or petroleum is partially distilled, gasoline is obtained. It is then heated (500°C) with Pt / Al2O3 & the thermal dissociation, cyclication & dehydrogenation of n-haptane are occurred & toluene is produced.