Homogeneous Mixture: Experiment

Homogeneous Mixture: Experiment

We can prepare sarbet by adding some sugar to some water in a glass or jug and stirring the water with a spoon. Again to make hot puffed rice mixture, we can mix the puffed rice with chick-pea, chopped onion, green chilli, tomato etc in a bowl. In making sugar juice and hot puffed rice mixture, more than one item is mixed together. So, whatever we prepare by mixing more than one different substances or items are called mixture.

Task: To know about the solution and homogeneous mixture.

Required accessories: 1 glass (made of glass), 1 spoon, some sugar and water.

Procedure: Wash the glass clean. Take drinking water in three-fourth portion of the glass and add one spoon of sugar to it and stir the water with the spoon.

Now pour the solution into a numbers of pots. Take one spoon from each pot taste can you see the sugar separately?

Analysis: No, you do not see any sugar, because, the sugar has been dissolved in the water. Is the sweetness of the mixture tasted from each cupping the same? Yes, the mixture in each of the cups has the same sweetness because the particles of sugar are equally and uniformly distributed everywhere in the mixture.

The mixtures whose components are distributed evenly and whose components cannot be easily separated from one another arc called solutions or homogeneous mixtures. That is, solutions are a special type of mixture. Now, you mix salt glucose, fruit juice with water and see whether the obtained mixtures arc homogeneous mixtures or solutions.

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