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Heterogeneous Reactions in Solution

Heterogeneous reactions are also known in solutions. It is a solution composed of different states of matter. Examples: The reaction between acid and metal is a heterogeneous reaction. The decomposition of H2O2 is greatly accelerated by dust, glass, wool, rough surface, gold, platinum etc. The acceleration of decomposition by metals led metal asides are thought to be due to formation of unstable oxides on the surface which, in turn, decomposes giving off oxygen and thus regenerates the metal or the oxide:

H2O2 + M → MO or MO2 + H2O

MO or MO2 → M + O2

Where M stands for the metal or its oxide. The action of dust, glass etc. cannot be accounted for by this mechanism.

The reaction of metals with acids, the electrochemical changes that occur in batteries and electrolytic cells, and the phenomena of corrosion are part of the subject of heterogeneous reactions.