QS Study

Properties of Geometrical Isomerism:

(i) In geometrical isomerism, free rotation of bonds in the compound should be blocked. This is possible only in —

  • Compounds having the double bond.
  • Cyclic compounds.

(ii) The boiling point of trans-isomer is greater than cis-isomer.

(iii) Cis-isomers have more stability than the trans-isomer because cis-isomers have more internal energy.

(iv) Cis-isomers have more solubility, dipole moment and higher refractive index than that of trans isomers.

(v) In case of dicarboxylic acid, cis-isomer can easily form acid anhydrates by releasing one molecule of water. Trans-isomer never does it. E.g. Maleic acid & Fumaric acid.