Describe Comparison between Rutherford’s and Bohr’s Model

Comparison between Rutherford’s and Bohr’s model:

i. Rutherford describes the atom as a tiny dense, positivity charged cored called a nucleus, in which nearly all the mats is concentrated. He confirmed the existence of proton. He pictured in his model that electrons are in motion around the nucleus. According to Rutherford’s model, electrons may move anywhere within the volume of space around the nucleus. This concept contradicts with the atomic model that was later proposed by Neils Bohr. Bohr made restrictions to the movement of electrons by imposing pictures of electrons in an orbit around the nucleus. In his theory, he used the quantum rule which was introduced by Max Planck.


ii. According to Rutherford’s model, the electrostatic attraction between electrons and nucleus was likened to the gravitational force of attraction which implied the structure of a solar system. This gave Rutherford an implication of scattered electrons around the nucleus which is called electron clouds. However Bohr gave Rutherford’s atomic model a shell structure in which electrons corresponds to specific orbits with a discrete energy level. He concluded that an atomic has specific, allowable energy levels called stationary states in which electrons occupy a fixed circular orbit around the nucleus. He fixed and approximately located presence of electrons in orbital surrounding by using quantum mechanics principles.

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