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Factors for circular letter announcing change of business address:

Circular letter is one of the oldest types letter. This kind of letter originated in ancient time when people felt the necessity of circulating any message to a large number of people at a time in the same way. Sometimes businesses change their locations and therefore, new address must be communicated to the concerned parties. When circular letter is written to circulate the new address, it should consider the following factors:

  • Mentioning the new address at the beginning of the body of the letter.
  • Mentioning the date of commencing business operations in the new address.
  • Explaining the reasons for shifting to new address. Here, focus is given on the point that regular expansion of business requires larger accommodation.
  • Highlighting the advantages and conveniences of the new address.
  • Mentioning the changed telephone, fax, e-mail number, (if any).
  • Making an appeal to the customers, clients and patrons to continue their patronage.