Types of Exporters in a Country

Types of Exporters in a Country

Types of Exporters in a Country

In general, sense to send products to another country is export. But export means to sell the products to the different countries. Export is very important part of foreign trade. They are the goods and services produced in one country and purchased by citizens of another country.

One of the basic elements of exporting is the ‘exporter’. The nature of the exporter varies with the nature of the exporting. Different exporting format creates different types exporters. Generally, exporters are divided into two groups:

  1. Direct Exporters.
  2. Indirect exporters.

The direct exporters are of three types. Such as-

  • Manufacturers or producers,
  • Wholesalers or distributors in abroad,
  • Jobbers or Import House abroad.

There are five types of exporters of indirect exporters. Such as –

  • Export Merchants,
  • Export agents or indenters,
  • Export commission agents,
  • Forwarding agents,
  • Importers buying house.

Direct Exporters: Direct exporters are the exporters who are involved with the exporting procedure directly.

  • Manufactures: Manufactures sell or export their products by contacting the foreign buyers directly. In this situation, manufacturers maintain all the formalities to export by themselves.
  • Wholesalers or Distributors in Abroad: Manufacturers can export the products to wholesalers or distributors from abroad. Here, the wholesalers or the distributors collect the products and reach to the importers.
  • Jobber or Import House in Abroad: Manufacturers can export their products by the jobbers or the import house in abroad.

Indirect Exporters: Indirect exporters are the exporters who are not directly involved with the export trade. They involve indirectly;

  • Export Merchants: Export merchants are the businessmen of exportable products who collect the products from the country and sell the products to the foreign buyers.
  • Export Agent or Indenters: Export agents or indenters normally collect the order and according to this order they collect products from exporters and sell to the importers. Again they analyze the market. Both parties give them a commission.
  • Export commission agents: Export commission agents purchase the products from manufacturers by their own responsibilities and sell to the importers. They work as the agents of importers and they also get the commission for their every work.
  • Forwarding Agents: Forwarding agent work as the agent of importers. To do all the formalities of import and to maintain all the rules and regulations of tax are the main task of forwarding agents. They also get a commission.
  • Exporter buying house: Exporter’s buying house is employed by the importers collect the products from manufacturers directly and reach to the importers. They work as the order of the importers.

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