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Types of Employment Application

Employment application means the letter written for getting a job. The job or employment application is the official form that employers ask all applicants for a position to fill out. It is the primary means of introducing the job seeker with the employer.

Job application can be al two types Solicited Application and ‘it-solicited Application.

These are described below,

Solicited Application: When job application is written in response to the advertisement given by the employer, it is known as solicited application. That is, this application is submitted in response to the invitation from the employer. Quible and others defined, “When one sends a letter knowing that an opening exists in a company, this is called a solicited letter of application.”

In this situation, the applicant knows the required qualifications. Solicited application generally includes the name of the position applied for, reference and date of the source etc.

Un-solicited application: Un-solicited job application is written for unannounced vacancies. It is also known as prospecting application. In this situation, the job seeker assumes that any job vacancy may be created in the organization in near future. Quible and others defined, “When one sends a letter not knowing whether an opening exists in a company, the letter is called an unsolicited application.”

This type of job application helps the job seeker to tap into the hidden job market. In some cases, the companies create positions to hire a well-qualified person who is on the market. Therefore, in an unsolicited application, the applicant tries to create employer’s attention and interest.