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Trade Associations

The co-operative organization, committee or associates which are created by the business people engaged in the same of business or industry with a view to extending their business, removing barriers, saving self-interest and the overall development. The association of this type formed by the producers or manufacturers is also known as the trade association. Examples of trade associations that focus on a particular industry or sector of an industry are the American Medical Association, American Bar Association, Trial Lawyers Association, American Bankers Association and Consumer Electronics Association.

In developing countries, this is an Organization whose members are involved in an exacting business or trade, such as retail and wholesale, fabrics, foodstuff, transportation. For example; Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), Bangladesh Publishers and Sellers Association, Bangladesh Rice Association etc. are examples of trade associations. The members of trade associations hold a regular meeting to solve general problems in their trading functions.