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The response of Multinational Business to Human Needs

Multinational corporations no doubt, carry out business with the ultimate object of profit-making like any other domestic company. According to ILO report “For some, the multinational companies are an invaluable dynamic force and instrument for wider distribution of capital, technology, and employment, for others they are monsters which our present institutions, national or international, cannot adequately control, a law to themselves with no reasonable concept, the public interest or social policy can accept.

Multinational companies can be provided a large number of benefits to the host nation, particularly less-develop country. There are some benefits that are:

(a) A significant benefit is an access to create the worldwide market.

(b) To transfer the advanced technology to the nation.

(c) It can be introduced economic of scale in reaches and development.

(d) To encourage the development of a more locally owned progressive business.

(e) To provide an additional job for employment, additional training for labor and upgrade skills of the host nation.

(f) It also provides high-quality managerial training of effective leadership.

(g) It provides a better quality product to the consumer.

(h) It introduces the new products in a host country.

(i) It also provides the business worldwide unity and cooperation.