QS Study

Strategic vision: Strategic visions are the ideas for the direction and activities of business development. Generally included in a document or statement so all company managers can share the same vision for the company and make decisions according to the shared principals and company mission. A vision reflects management aspirations for the organization and its business providing a panoramic view of “where we are going” and giving specific about its feature business plans. It spells-out long-term business purpose and moods organization identity.

A strategic vision points on an organization in a particular direction and charts a strategic path for it to follow. Managers have three discernible tasks in formic a vision and making it a useful direction setting tool.

  1. The mission statement a starting point for forming a strategic vision: Coming up with a vision statement that defines what business the company is presently in. it conveys the essence of “who we are, what we do, and where we are now”.
  2. From mission statement to strategic vision: using the mission statement as a basis for deciding on long-term course making choices about “where we are going” and charting a strategic path for the company to pursue.
  3. Communicating the strategic vision: Communicating the strategic vision in clear, exciting terms that arouse organization-wide commitment.