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Statutory Duties and Responsibilities of Company Secretary

The duties of company secretary are manifold and these duties vary from one company to another depending on its size, goal, nature, functions etc. The duties and responsibilities of company secretary are discussed under the following headings:

Statutory duties: The statutory duties of company secretary are determined by the Companies Act and other related laws. The prime statutory duty of the company secretary is to ensure that the affairs of the company are performed in accordance with the companies act and other laws pertaining to the company management. The other statutory duties of the secretary include the followings:

  • Maintenance of Statutory books or registers of the company.
  • Preparation, authentication, and filing of resolutions, agreements, documents, and returns.
  • Attending the meetings and recording then proceedings.
  • Allowing the members of the company to inspect the statutory books and to take copy thereof.
  • Assisting the directors in respect of issue, allotment, and transfer of shares and debentures.
  • Keeping the common seal of the company in safe custody.