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Rights and Powers of Company Secretary

Company secretary is a high-ranked administrative officer of the company. The rights and powers of company secretary are mainly governed by his service contract with the company. Moreover, he is the spokesperson of the board of directors. Therefore, the board of directors delegates some powers upon him. Generally, a company secretary enjoys the following powers and rights:

Supervision and control: Since company secretary is the head of the secretarial department, he has the right to supervise and control the activities of that department.

Signing the documents: Being the principal officer of the company, company secretary is entitled to sign the documents especially, on which the company seal is affixed.

Issue of testimonial: Being a principle officer of the company, company secretary can issue testimonials or any other certificate in favor of any employee of the company.

Preferential creditor: At the time of dissolution of the company, company secretary can claim all of his dues as like as a preferential creditor.

Claiming damage: Company secretary is entitled to receive notice of reasonable dismissal. In case of wrongful dismissal, he can drum compensation.

Exercising power: Company secretary is entrusted with some powers by the board of directors. So he can freely exercise those powers in company management.

Attending meeting: Company secretary has every right to receive notice of meetings and to attend at all general or board meetings.