QS Study

A reward is one kind of motivation tool to motivate employees in the organization. The reward is referred to as money and other benefits received by an employee for providing services to his employer. An employee receives rewards on the basis of his/her services. An organization may provide rewards in the form of financial returns, bonus, gratuity, incentives, benefits, promotion etc. The above statement “Reward should be earned not given” means employee should get a reward on the basis of his/her well performance, positive behavior, creative activities, and overall performance within the organization. Also, an organization should set a benchmark or standards to enrich employees performance, if any employee may pass the benchmark only then he/she will be rewarded. If the management of the organization provides rewards to employees without any efforts of them then the following situation may arise –

  • Reduces productivity of employees.
  • Reduces creativity among employees.
  • Every employee becomes self-centered.
  • Employees of the organization are not careful about the quality of performance.
  • Skilled workers turnover may be high.

Above the reasons, we may say that the reward should be earned not given.