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Responsibilities of Developing Countries to Globalization Process

Now-a-days the globalization process is governing the world economy, social and cultural sector. So Developing Countries like, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Pakistan, Algeria, Guyana, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Paraguay, Honduras, Peru, Bangladesh etc., cannot keep away themselves from this process. Developing Countries should keep their steps very carefully with this process. All the national and public interests should be preserved and protected. If Developing Countries want to pick up the fruit of the globalization in their pocket, they should do the followings:

  • To take the measures and to increase the development of the industrial sector.
  • To decrease the imports and increases the export.
  • To increase the domestic capital.
  • To increase the foreign investment and decrease the dependent on the foreign aids.
  • Searching potential markets for their products.
  • To increase the number of their export items,
  • Preparing the policies effective for existing in the competition of the world market.
  • Close monitoring on the international trade and commerce.
  • Applying the proper diplomacy,
  • To Increase the relations with the regional political and economical organizations.
  • Increasing the trade with the countries of the regional, organizations and neighboring countries.
  • To increase the relations with the developed and influential countries.
  • Close observation on the activities of WTO.
  • Innovation of new seeds by the experts,
  • To apply the modern education system.
  • Creating the Jobs in domestic market etc.

They have, no scope to come out from the process of globalization. The chance of getting benefit of the under developed countries was more if the globalization could make the arrangement to stand the whole world in one stage. So the time has come to stand combined to face the challenges to the globalization. Bangladesh is also an underdeveloped country. So Developing Countries need to be careful to face the outcome of the globalization. Government and non government organization should come forward to face the come out of the globalization process.