QS Study

Quality of life means social goals sought by people. It means that the standard of health, console, and happiness experienced by an individual or group. It reflects the difference, the gap, between the hopes and expectations of a person and their present experience. Accordingly, it can vary from nation to nation and person to person, depending on who is using the term. On the other hand, there is some agreement because certain themes tend to recur.

WHO defines – Quality of Life as an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards, and concerns.

Considering these recurrent themes, we can say that quality of life means a social system which has freedom, high purpose, relative affluence, and people living in harmony with their inner spirit their fellow man, and nature’s physical environment. Objective quality of life is about fulfilling the societal and cultural demands for material wealth, social status, and physical well-being.