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Qualification and Qualities of Company Secretary

The company secretary embraces a top-level managerial position in the company. This place necessitates sound educational knowledge, skills and effectiveness. Moreover, the company secretary performs numerous complex and statutory activities. Therefore, he needs to possess several different qualities and statutory qualifications. The qualities and qualifications that a company secretary needs to possess are as follows:

  1. Personal qualities: Being a person and a high administrative officer of the company, the company secretary should have the following personal qualities: i) Honesty, ii) Loyalty, iii) Tactfulness, iv) Courteous, v) Punctual, vi) Cooperative minded, vii) Strong personality etc.
  2. Educational qualification: Company secretary needs to have higher academic qualifications. He must have sound knowledge in Language and general affairs. These qualifications enable him in gaining idea on common business and managerial dealings.
  3. Professional qualification: The functions of company secretary are mostly professional. These professional functions require specialized education, training and statutory qualifications as prescribed in Companies Act.