Personal Barriers in Business Communication

Personal Barriers in Business Communication

Personal barriers: The personal factors of both sender and receiver may exert influence on effective communication. These factors include the life experiences, emotions, attitudes, behaviour that hinders the ability of a person to communicate.

Some of the personal barriers of superiors and subordinates are mentioned below:

  • Fear of challenges to authority:

If a superior perceives that a particular communication may adversely affect his authority, he/she may withhold or suppress such communication. Whatever fear is keeping you from reaching your goals becomes a barrier that prevents you from being the best person you can be.

  • Lack of confidence of superior on his subordinates:

If superiors do not have confidence in the competency of their subordinates, they may not seek their advice or opinions. When you find yourself using a lack of time as an excuse repeatedly, odds are that you have time management problems.

  • Unwillingness to communicate:

Sometimes, subordinates may not be prepared to communicate with their superiors, if they perceive that it may adversely affect their interests. Look for alternate resources. If your family does not support you, look to friends or a support group.

  • Lack of proper incentives:

If there is no motivation or incentive for communication, subordinates may not take initiative to communicate.

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