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Objectives of Trading Corporation

The trading corporation is a Govt. organization serving an important role in case of foreign trade of a country. This type of organization is present in many countries of the world to support and improve foreign trade of that country. The Trading Corporation was formed as a Govt. organization for the betterment of the, overall trade of Bangladesh. The objectives of Trading Corporation are as follows:

  • To import consumer products and confirm their supply and distribution at the right price in conference with the current trade policy of the Govt.
  • To import necessary raw materials, machines and machineries for the improvement of the country’s trade.
  • To find foreign buyers for creating market for local products in foreign countries.
  • To export the surplus products produced in the Govt. factories.
  • To export the non-traditional products like tea, jute etc.
  • To confirm the proper use of the foreign loan tor directing foreign trade.
  • To execute and implement various treaties and pacts related to trade on behalf of the Govt.
  • To assist in the formulation and implementation of the trade policy of the Govt.
  • To supply products to the people when there is excessive demand.